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Sparky Motorsports 2022 Schedule


April 10th- Icebreaker 50  (Dells)           13th (B)
April 24th- Slinger Speedway                3rd
May 1st- Joe Shear Classic 36 (MIS)      29th
May 7th- Marshfield Motor Speedway  22nd
May 14th- Rockford Speedway              1st
May 21st- State Park Speedway            DNS
May 28th- Dells Raceway Park              4th
May 30th- Golden Sands Speedway     1st
June 18th- Rockford Speedway             1st
July 1st- Tomah Sparta Speedway        2nd
July 17th- Small Car Nationals               2nd
August 2nd- Dixieland Delight (WIR)    19th
August 26th-Howie Lettow at MIS       MTS
August 27th- Rockford Speedway       ASC
Sep. 3rd- Jim Sauter Classic (DRP)      MTS
Sep. 5th- Golden Sands Speedway    ASC
Sep. 11th- Slinger Speedway                ASC
Sep. 16th- Jefferson Speedway           MTS
Oct. 8th- Oktoberfest 25 (LAX)            MTS
Oct. 22nd-Falloween at the Dells       MTS

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